Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 1996, starting in the production and market operation of over-voltage and over-current protective components. Private brand was established in 2009, when the company was positioned to the field of over-voltage and over-current protection, and driven by development, design, production, manufacture and market promotion of full series of over-voltage and over-current protective components and related products. With head office in Shenzhen downtown and factory in Bantian, Shenzhen.

Ruilongyuan Electronics has over 160 employees, including 10% holders of master’s degrees and higher and 50% holders of bachelor’s degrees and higher, together constituting a professional technical team mainly for independent research, development and production. Our products have been passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, SGS product certification and American UL certification. The company was appraised as a “national high-tech enterprise” jointly organized by Ministry of Science & Technology of the People's Republic of China (MOST), Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China (MOF) and State Administration of Taxation (SAT) on October 20, 2015.

As one of the most professional producers and manufacturers in the field of electronic components in China, the products of Ruilongyuan Electronics cover full series of protective components including GDT (gas discharge tubes), TVS (transient voltage suppression) diodes, ESD/TVS (electrostatic suppression diode/ transient voltage suppression) arrays, TSS (thyristor surge suppressors), GDD (glass gas discharge tubes), polymer PTC resettable fuse, MOV (metal-oxide varistor) and etc; full series of power supply, signaling and monitoring lightning-proof products are produced from self-made components, and approved multiple product patents, including various utility model certificates of surge arrester and UL compliance certification of components for discharge tubes.
      Our research, development and operation guidelines are established according to our unchanged objective of becoming a first-class international electronic enterprise; we follow the production concept of “standard operation, international quality”, and the company is supported and recognized by more and more customers from home and abroad with high-quality technical development team, high-class product quality, mature technical solution and quality market service. Today, our products are nearly indispensable component of all electrically and electronically powered products, and widely used in many fields, such as communication, security, power supply, automobile, solar energy, household appliance and consumer electronics.
      In the future, we’ll keep on implementation of the principles of “personalized service, professional team, international product patent”, uphold the development concept of “innovation-driven, breakthrough by transformation, people’ centering, maintain quality”, strengthen technical development and marketing input of products, and optimize the structure of our products; we’ll make full out our edges in the aspects of 24-hour online customer executive service, senior technical development personnel, access of 48-hour technical solution and round-the-clock logistic service, international top-notch technical development team, strict compliance with ISO9001-2008 quality testing system and controlled process of importing materials, create a safe and healthy environment for human society, become an industrial leader of safe development, and grow into an international first-class leading supplier in the field of over-voltage and over-current protective components.
      Ruilongyuan Electronics, a circuit protection expert beside you!

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